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Rekord E/ Commodore C 1978-1986


11 sedan 2 doors 64 station 3 doors
14 commodore/ sedan de luxe 2 doors 65 bestel 3 doors delivery van
16 sedan 4 doors 66 station 5 doors
17 sedan de luxe 4 doors 67 station 5 doors
18 sedan de luxe 2 doors  
19 commodore/ sedan de luxe 4 doors 61 station 5 doors commodore

Rekord E


With the Rekord E introduced in 1977, Opel continued its tradition of building of functional and reliable family cars. Very little had changed from its predecessor the Rekord D in terms of engine.

Different type of CIH engines were used with the 1.7N (60 hp), 20N and 20S up to the 20E (110 hp)

In 1982 a strongly renewed Rekord E2 was launched after 992,965 Rekord E1s. The body work had a Cw-value of 0.36 and new 1.8 engines with 75 or 90 hp were added. In 1984 the 2.0E engine was replaced by the 2.2i with 115 hp and the 1.8 equipped with an injection version (100 hp). This engine also found a home in the GTE Kadett and Ascona models.  

In August 1986 Opel closed the chapter for the Rekord and introduced its successor, the Omega A.

Commodore C

In 1978 the third Commodore series came onto the market. The C-Commodore was initially available with a 2.5S (115 hp) six cylinder engine, later a 2.5E (130 hp) was added.  The introduction of this sporty family car did not turn out to be a success. The reduced interest in sporty sedans was not reclaimed. It became the least successful model selling only 80,000 vehicles.