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Chassis Number, Engine Number and Model Number

The chassis number is on your vehicle registration document. The engine number is printed in the engine block and consists of the cylinder capacity (eg. 12S) followed by a unique number. The model number in models up to 1980 can be found on the plate attached in the engine compartment. With models from after 1982 the letter in the chassis number indicates the production year and the first two figures after the letter refer to the model number. For example, an Ascona C chassis number: 89H6032736 - the model number is 89 (hatchback 5 doors deluxe version) and the production year H is 1986. Note that a model year goes from September to September.

The letter C (1982) is the first letter which refers to a production year, followed by D )1983(, E (1984) and so on.

Where a model number is mentioned in the web shop, the part is only suitable for this model. Where no model number or model series is mentioned, as with 50 and 80 with the Ascona Manta B, this means that the part can be used for all models.

You can select the appropriate model number from the text at the top of the web site.


Easy shopping in four steps:

  1. You place your desired items in the shopping cart and submit the order. 
  2. Within 24 hours (weekdays) a confirmation email will be sent with the amount due. 
  3. You transfer the money as soon as possible
  4. Upon receipt of your payment, the package will be sent, and you will receive a shipping notification by (E-)mail.

To order a part.

  1. Please email us with as clear a description as possible: the required items, including
  2. the following information: model, model, year, chassis number and engine number (if
  3. necessary).
  4. Within 24 hours (weekdays) you will receive a reply whether COPE can supply you with your part and at what price and terms of delivery. 
  5. If you agree with the terms please send a confirmation (E-)mail.
  6. Upon receipt of the deposit COPE will order the item and you will receive a message when it has arrived. 
  7. After payment, the part will be sent and you will receive a confirmation.

Shopping and ordering a part:

  1. Please follow steps 1 up to 3 to order a desired item. 
  2. Please place an order via the webshop 
  3. You will receive one bill for both orders 
  4. Pplease pay the amount due as soon as possible 
  5. After receiving your query, the item will be ordered. 
  6. Once the ordered item is received by COPE, and the commitments are met, all components are posted at once and you will receive a confirmation.


I want two order two copies of an item, how does that work?

  • You select twice the desired item in the shop and add it to the basket.
  • Then in the confirmation of your order, you can see whether there are 2 items in stock. If not, then this part is not charged and the other items which you have ordered will be delivered.
  • It is also possible -prior to ordering- to contact us via de website.

I have placed an order but an item cannot be delivered, what next?
Of many components, there might be only one or a few copies in stock. Another interested party might have ordered the same part prior to you ordering it, but has not paid yet. Thus a part remains on the site. You are the next eligible for this component.

I would like to pay the postman when he hands me the item, is that possible?
Only companies in the Automotive Industry can use COD deliveries. Individuals always pay their order in advance. Another possibility is to make an appointment to collect the parts.

I would like to come and have a browse in the warehouse, is that possible?
All new parts that Cope has in stock concerning the different models are on the website. It is much easier to have a look on the website relaxing in your comfortable chair.

Can COPE also supply used parts?
Only for the Manta and Ascona A used parts are available. Some of these parts are under the model group 'used'. This is just part of the stock. If you need a secondhand item, it is best to contact us. For all other models there are no used parts in stock.

Can you order parts which are just as competitively priced as those on the website?
The parts which are especially ordered cost no more than the last known original price. Because spare parts have to be sent quite often from abroad to Cope postage costs will be entirely passed on to you. Usually we order multiple items so that the costs of postage are as low as possible.

How do I stay informed of changes in stock?
If you regularly read the messages on the HOME page, you are always aware of new stocks.

I have placed an order but I did not get compensation for a special offer, what is the reason for this?
Offers include special offers such under the tab OFFERS. These are directly reflected in the order. Specific offers can be found in the bill which you receive along with the receipt.

I have just ordered something, but forgot something, now what?
You place another order, and contact us that you would like two orders at the same time. You receive one bill for both orders, and all you pay is a contribution to the postage.