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About us

About Us

A lot of enthusiasts and restorers of classic cars and classic cars to be, appreciate the quality of new, original Opel parts and accept a different price level for them.

The most important advantages of new and original parts are:

Many years after choosing to specialize in used Manta and Ascona parts, the decision was taken to move over to new and original Opel parts in 2007. Especially abroad, there is a greater chance of finding new, old parts, as a lot of dealers have old stock in an attic or cellar and are only too willing to trade this space for reduced prices.

Because COPE only purchase parts from old stock, there is always a possibility that parts or packing material is slidly damaged. You can think about fly rust, dirty/ damaged or absent packing material. We garanty that it never influences the operation of the part.

COPE has checked a number of warehouses in Germany and Austria and bought up bulk lots of parts. Buying in in this way means that COPE is able to offer prices which can be up to 70% lower than the last known Opel price. Purchasing to order is also one of our activities, by either tracking down and buying in a part or buying in a part to order for a customer. Specially ordered parts always come straight from an Opel dealer´s warehouse.


Almost 95% of our stock are original opel parts. Because we want to offer alternatives there are in some cases reproduction parts to be found with the letter 'i' or 'R' behind the partnumber. For example brake cilinder 5 50 123 is also available as reproduction with number 5 50 123i.

COPE is specialized in certain Opel models from the 70's, 80's and 90's. In addition we also stock parts from classic cars and youngtimer Opels. 

Basic knowledge

Parts are suitable for all Opel and Vauxhall Models. In some cases a part is specialy for a Vauxhall Model or for RHD (Right Hand Drive) If so it will be mentioned at the particular part.

Despite RHD or LHD left means the left side of the car and righ the right side, seen from the rear.

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