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Classic Opel Parts Emmen (COPE) offers new original Opel parts for Classic and Youngtimer Opel and Vauxhall cars. COPE is specialized in parts for the:

In the group CLASSIC OPELS, parts can be found for kadett C, manta ascona A and B, Rekord E, Commodore C and some other models

For the classics 'to be': Corsa B/ Tigra, Omega A and Senator B, we have a large amount of new parts in stock and can deliver most parts to order. 

Keep before shopping your VIN number, enginenumber and modelnumber at hand to prevent misunderstandings or wrong orders. See the explanation of modelnumbers at the TAB METHOD in the headbar.

Each Model has an overview of the model- and VIN numbers available by opening the folding screen '?Model- and VIN Numbers' at the particular model.

Easy shopping with up to 70% DISCOUNT off the last known Opel dealer Price.



COPE news

New arrivals
15 November 2019
We emptied a 30 year old German Opel Stock
New arrivals
27 October 2019
New parts placed in the webshop of manta ascona and kadett C
COPEparts and BREXIT
19 October 2019
What are the consequences when the UK leaves the EU for ordering parts?
NEW categories
06 July 2019
We added new categories to the models