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VIN Number, Engine Number and Model Number

The VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number) is on your vehicle registration document.

The engine number is printed in the engine block and consists of the cylinder capacity (eg. 12S) followed by a unique number. It can be found at the right side of the exhaust manifold.

The model number in models up to 1980 can be found on the plate attached in the engine compartment. With models from after 1982, the letter in the VIN number indicates the production year and the first two figures after the letter refer to the model number.

For example, an Ascona C / Cavalier MK2 VIN number: 89H6032736 - the model number is 89 (hatchback 5 doors deluxe version) and the production year H is 1986. Note that a model year goes from September to September.
The letter C (1982) is the first letter which refers to a production year, followed by D (1983), E (1984) and so on.

Where a model number is mentioned in the web shop, the part is only suitable for those models. Where no model number (empty) or model series is mentioned, as with 80 with the Ascona C Cavalier MK2, this means that the part can be used for all models.

By clicking on the tekst ?Model-and VIN Number in the blue bar from the chossen OPEL/ VAUXHALL model, you also can select the modelnumber during shopping.

By clicking on the Product titel additional info occurs. Always use this option to avoid wrong orders, it shows the suitablility for the models. 


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