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Cavalier MK2

Ascona C/ Cavalier MK2 1981-1988


To ensure that the Ascona C would be just as successful as its predecessor, a wider audience had to be addressed. Opel therefore introduced the Ascona C in more body styles: the five-door hatchback (fastback) and the two door or the four door sedan. Especially the sedan remained recognizable as an Ascona.

The transverse engine, MacPherson front suspension and a compact rear axle ensured that the C-model acquired significantly more interior and luggage space. The engine variants 1.3N (60pk) and 1.3S (75ps), the 1.6N (75ps) and 1.6S (90hp) were already well known because of it’s quality of construction of the previously released D Kadett. The 1.6 (54pk) diesel injection engine and a 1.8E (115hp) were added in 1982. Also in that year the Ascona Ascona J and the CD.

In 1984 and 1986, there were several detail changes. Most noticeable was the revised grill, the side molding and bumpers, a more extensive standard equipment and the modified type indications (LS, GL, GLS, GT and CD).

The growing environmental debate led Opel to accelerate the development of the regular three-way catalysts. The Ascona C was the first model with a 1.8 injection engine (100hp), also a controlled three-way catalytic converter became available. In 1986 the engine program changed drastically: the 1.3 and 1.8 liter engines were discontinued and were replaced by the newly developed 1.6 and 2.0 OHC engines with outputs between 75 and 130 hp.

For a while the Ascona C sedan was also continued as a convertible with no roll bar, but with little success. 





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